City Twinning Program

Objective : Foster knowledge sharing and C-ITS pilot best practices exchange to accelerate the replicability of C-ITS services with group of follower cities

Targeted audience : Representatives of city and region in charge of transport & mobility innovation, transport planning and traffic management

Proposed activities :

  • Workshops in Helmond and Bordeaux including live demonstrations
  • Direct dialogue with C-The Difference pilot city representatives




Bordeaux pilot site. The different actors of the project have for main goal to improve mobility...


Helmond pilot site. The motivation of the Helmond pilot site is to improve mobility and safety in...

C-ITS Infrastructure & services deployed in Bordeaux and Helmond

 Bordeaux Pilot SiteHelmond Pilot Site
C-ITS Communication infrastructure36 ITS G5 RSUs +
cellular 3G/4G
28 ITS G5 RSUs
Pilot site coverage373 intersections
1527 traffic lights
28 intersections
308 traffic lights
Vehicle Fleet
Passengers cars32 equipped with ITS
G5 OBU + over 900
mobile apps users
Commercial vehicles9 equipped with ITS G5
OBU + over 100 mobile
apps users
103 equipped with ITS
G5 OBU (trucks,
emergency vehicles)
C-ITS services to be piloted and evaluatedBordeaux Pilot SiteHelmond Pilot Site
Emergency vehicle approachingITS G5ITS G5
Road hazard warningITS G5 & 3G/4G
Road works warningITS G5 & 3G/4GITS G5
In-vehicle signage3G/4G
Park & ride information3G/4G
Probe vehicle data3G/4G
Signal violation / Intersection SafetyITS G5 & 3G/4GITS G5
Traffic signal priority for designated vehiclesITS G5ITS G5
Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (GLOSA)ITS G5 & 3G/4GITS G5
GLOSA HMI mobile app